Professional therapeutic guidance tailored for men.

A man’s greatest asset is his mental health.

Master your mindset to live the life you envision.

Resources for men who want to invest in their most valuable asset, their mental health. 

We can all do with a bit of guidance and support in life, even when things are going well.  Here you can access a range of tools and resources I have created just to guys who want to improve and care for their mental health. 

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Guide to Taming Stress & Reducing Burnout   

The MANifesto Guide to Taming Stress & Reducing Burnout is an online program that provides practical, evidence-based psychotherapy tactics that focus on taming stress and reducing the potential of chronic burnout.


5 Tips to Eliminate Burnout Guide   

Learn more about burnout, how to eliminate it with my 5 practical tips and take the Burnout Evaluation to see if you’re slightly singed, a flickering fire, or burnt to a crisp.


Guide to Calming the Worried Mind 

The Manifesto Guide to Calming the Worried Mind has been created for guys who want a practical solution to intrusive and problematic worry.


Anxiety Workbook for Men 

Discover how you can better cope with and manage your stress and anxiety with this workbook written just for men. You’ll find key insights into the unique ways anxiety manifests in men, along with the support you need to overcome the challenges men face―whether it’s at home, work, or with friends and family.


MANifesto Blog

A resource of articles on all areas of mental health written especially for guys. 


LinkedIn Lunchtime Live

An open conversation about mental health for guys 12PM CST on the last Thursday of every month.
As part of this collaborative conversation, we'll explore  different topics while examining practical opportunities to reduce stress to improve your well-being and quality of life.


MANifesto on YouTube

An online resource dedicated to supporting men who improve the quality of their wellbeing and quality of life via practical guidance and tactics. If you are a guy who wants to experience more mental resilience, calm, and balance in life, improved relationships, and better navigate difficult seasons in life then Manifesto is for you